Kayse Jama is a community-trusted leader who has spent the last 20 years fighting for us. Thanks to Kayse’s leadership, Oregon now has groundbreaking laws and policies that give Oregonians of all backgrounds the chance to thrive. Kayse has a proven track record of progress on democracy reform, immigrant rights, tenant protections, education equity, and criminal justice reform at the state and local level. These wins came through Kayse’s years of working to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to create policies that make a real difference for those who have been denied opportunity or the fair treatment they deserve.

Kayse brings the experience needed to represent all of us in the Oregon Senate, with the vision to build a better, more inclusive future for every Oregonian. Kayse is running to:

 - Center our hard-hit district in the state’s public health response to COVID-19
 - Lead an equitable economic recovery
 - Support our schools so every child has the chance to succeed
 - Ensure every Oregonian has an affordable home
 - Reimagine public safety that works for all of us
 - Take bold action on the climate crisis
 - Protect workers' rights
 - Strengthen our democracy

Kayse brings people together to solve community problems. For two decades, he has worked with communities in the Portland metro area and in rural Oregon with a commitment to solutions that work for all of us. Now more than ever, we need community-trusted leadership with a vision for Oregon’s future.