Environment and Climate

The wellbeing of our children—and future generations—requires that we take immediate action on the climate crisis. Rising temperatures, wildfires, and poor air quality are impacting communities across the state, including our farms, forests, towns, and cities. There is no time to wait, and Kayse will support bold efforts that will make Oregon a leader in addressing our climate crisis, ensuring that the communities most impacted by climate change are centered in our solutions.  

Kayse will support the state in transitioning to a 100% renewable energy system and push Oregon to meet its climate goals. It’s long past time for polluters to pay their fair share to address their climate impact, and Kayse will oppose new fossil fuel infrastructure in Oregon, such as the Jordan Cove liquified natural gas pipeline. As we make this transition to a sustainable energy system, we have the opportunity to invest in good, family wage union jobs that will address the climate crisis and strengthen local economies across the state. 

Here in Senate District 24, we are impacted by heat islands and poor air quality, which are both exacerbated by rising temperatures. We must protect the communities most impacted by environmental injustices, including our Black, Indigenous, and people of color, and workers who are exposed to increasingly unsafe conditions with high temperatures and polluted air, such as our farmworkers. Increased access to fareless or affordable public transit and reducing transportation emissions will both reduce our climate impact and help clean up our air. Kayse also will fight for working families to ensure they can afford their utility bills, weatherize their homes, and benefit from clean transportation modes.