• Organizations and Leaders Supporting Kayse

  • Oregon Education Association

    In his 20+ years in the country, Kayse has worked diligently—directly or indirectly—for everything we believe in: empowering and training educators, safe and inclusive classrooms, student success, and equity for all.

    His lived and professional experience make him the candidate we need to ensure Oregon children and their families are centered and supported.

    That’s why Kayse has our full endorsement for Senator of District 24." - Jody Folkedahl Eppolito, Teacher, SD 24 resident

  • Kate Brown, Oregon Governor

    I'm excited to support Kayse Jama for the state Senate. He knows how important it is to defend our democracy and expand access to the ballot.

    I met Kayse while he was leading an effort to provide newly naturalized American citizens an opportunity to register to vote. The New American Voters Project registered thousands of new voters and is a model for the nation. Kayse will be a great addition to the state Senate.

  • Oregon League of Conservation Voters

    OLCV is proud to endorse longtime environmental and climate justice advocate Kayse Jama for Senate District 24. Kayse firmly believes everyone has the right to a healthy environment and a stable climate. As a senator, he would ensure we are using all the tools at our disposal to understand and solve our environmental and racial justice problems.

    Kayse's strong environmental values and background in community organizing make him exactly the leader we need in the Senate.

  • Latino Network Action Fund

    Although likely an undercount, Latinx community members make up 14.5% of Senate District 24's residents.

    Through his cross-cultural organizing work, policy and program advocacy, and leadership we have seen Kayse consistently uplift the needs of our community.

    Latino Network Action Fund fully supports Kayse Jama's bid to be appointed the next Oregon Senator for District 24.

  • AFSCME Council 75

    People of color and working people are often left behind in vital conversations in the Oregon State Legislature. We need strong leadership in the Senate to center communities that are on the frontlines of our most pressing issues as a state. 

    Kayse Jama has been a close partner with labor and communities of color and will be the fierce advocate we need to move Oregon forward. AFSCME Council 75 will continue to fight alongside Kayse to ensure working people are at the table.

  • The Mother PAC

    Kayse has fought for North Clackamas and East Portland families for over 20 years as a community leader and advocate for racial, gender, and economic justice.

    We trust Kayse to champion the needs of mothers and caregivers in the Senate because he fought alongside us to raise the minimum wage and pass paid sick days and paid family and medical leave.

    Kayse is the trusted partner we need in the Senate!

  • Safety and Justice Oregon

    Kayse Jama is a proven leader who is deeply connected to the people and values of the communities he serves.

    His commitment to equity, safety, and justice make him the right choice for Oregon!

  • Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon

    Senate District 24 is home to more than 14,000 Asians and Pacific Islanders, representing over 11% of the population.

    APANO is proud to support Kayse Jama's historic candidacy as soon-to-be the first former refugee and Muslim State Senator.

  • Oregon Trial Lawyers Association

    OTLA members fight for civil rights, workers’ rights, consumer fairness and access to justice. Kayse Jama has demonstrated a commitment to lead on these issues for ordinary Oregonians.

    Kayse will be true to his core values of justice and fairness and will provide a unique voice as a champion in the struggle for justice.

  • PCUN Farmworkers Union

    Pineros Y Campesinos Unidos Del Noreste (PCUN), Oregon Northwest Tree Planters and Farmworkers United, supports Kayse Jama for Oregon Senate, District 24.

    For two decades, Kayse has stood with us, and now we are proud to stand with him.

  • Ellen Rosenblum, Oregon Attorney General

    Kayse has long been a trusted resource for community-based policy solutions and a moral compass for leaders across our state.

    These qualities are both needed -- and welcome -- in Salem at this time.   

  • East County Rising

    As a resident of East Multnomah County, Kayse Jama knows first-hand the disenfranchisement and lack of civic engagement opportunities our communities experience and he understands deeply the issues that are important to our neighborhoods—quality education for our children, environmental sustainability, access to healthcare, affordable housing, and living-wage jobs.

    As Senator for District 24, we are confident Kayse will fight to ensure Oregonians everywhere don’t just survive, but thrive.

  • Imagine Black, Formerly P.A.A.L.F.

    We at Imagine Black are excited and proud to endorse Kayse Jama. We have worked in coalition with Kayse on several campaigns and are confident that he is the measured and experienced leader Oregon needs.

    Kayse is a fierce advocate for civil rights and will fight for us all. We have no doubt, in this historic moment, his is the voice we need in Salem.

  • Oregon Childcare Project

    Kayse is the Executive Director of one of our coalition partners, Unite Oregon, and has been a community leader and advocate for racial justice for over 20 years.

    He is a LOUD champion for child care that works, and as a father, former refugee, and previously unhoused person, Kayse truly knows the reforms our child care system needs to be culturally-inclusive and welcoming to every family.

  • Our Portland

    Kayse is a true community leader. He is immensely qualified for the position and has the lived experience needed to lead in the Oregon State Senate in this moment.

    As an advocate for racial justice strengthening democracy, fighting to protect renters, addressing traffic violence, opposing fossil fuel infrastructure, and supporting immigrants and refugees, Kayse embodies the values and priorities of Our Portland.

  • Kathy Wai, N. Clackamas School Board &Tri-Met Board

    Kayse is a long-time leader in our community who has lifted up the voices of people who have been intentionally excluded from places of power.

    As Senator, Kayse will bring all of us with him to ensure we’re at the table as Oregon navigates a public health and economic crisis and reimagines public safety.

  • Alissa Keny Guyer, Oregon State Representative

    I worked with Kayse Jama before and after I became a legislator to address community concerns: housing, health care, child care, and public education.

    Kayse understands the challenges and has the strong networks and experience to work on solutions. We need his insight and voice!

  • Jeff Reardon, Oregon State Representative

    It gives me great joy that a person from the David Douglas community, who came to this country as an immigrant, is now a parent, a community leader, and is a candidate for this Senate position.

    At Unite Oregon, Kayse Jama has been leading on the very issues that I care so much about; education, health, racial justice and equitable prosperity.

  • Carmen Rubio, Portland City Commissioner-Elect

    I have worked with Kayse Jama for nearly 20 years on policies ranging from education to economic prosperity.

    Kayse is inclusive, strategic, innovative and a true changemaker. Oregon deserves to have a servant-leader like Kayse at the decision making table.

  • Lew Frederick, Oregon State Senator

    The possibility of Kayse Jama as an Oregon Senator encourages me. He brings a perspective sorely needed in Salem.

    His work on public safety, housing, and equity has already changed the state. He has more to give.

  • Mike Schmidt, Multnomah County District Attorney

    When I ran for Multnomah County District Attorney under the maxim, 'major reform now,' I meant it. Kayse Jama shares my vision for innovative approaches to reduce incarceration and address racial and economic disparities in the criminal justice system.

    It is why I added Kayse to my transition team, and why I think he will be a great partner on a reform agenda in the Oregon Senate.

  • Tawna Sanchez, Oregon State Representative

    Kayse Jama represents the kind of community-centered leader we need in the Oregon Senate.

    He brings a lifetime of relationships and experiences with him, and he views policy and programs through a sharp equity lens.

  • Reyna Lopez, PCUN Executive Director

    Kayse Jama has worked tirelessly to ensure the voices of those most marginalized in our communities are heard.

    With a proven track record of pushing for policies that will change people’s lives, he will be an asset in ensuring the Senate can deliver wins to Oregonians.

  • Karin Power, Oregon State Representative

    The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the depth and severity of our broken systems. We can no longer afford to ignore the effects of climate change, of wealth inequality, of underemployment and houselessness, of health disparities.

    That’s why Kayse Jama has my endorsement and support—he will center community and fight for the most impacted without hesitation. He is the person we need to lead Oregon District 24.

  • Vadim Riskin, East European Coalition

    I have known Kayse Jama for many years, and I've found him to be a man of integrity.

    I have appreciated his ability to unite groups and people from all backgrounds, bringing them together to work toward common, shared goals.

  • Akasha Lawrence-Spence, Oregon State Representative

    During COVID-19, I have witnessed Kayse Jama in action, pushing for policies and solutions that uplift the most impacted individuals, families, and businesses - particularly our Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities.

    I believe Kayse will be true champion for Oregon Senate District 24 residents, who have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

  • Khanh Pham, Oregon State Rep.-Elect

    As Oregon prepares to address a revenue shortfall and recover from a public health and economic crisis, tough decisions will have to be made.

    With Kayse Jama, I will have a values-aligned, community-driven partner in the Oregon Senate. For two decades, Kayse has worked with underserved Oregonians to tackle tough challenges. We need him in the Legislature now more than ever.

  • Wlnsvey Campos, Oregon State Rep.-Elect

    Kayse Jama is a bold champion for underserved communities and is a voice we desperately need in Salem.

    He has been a strong, longtime community advocate who demonstrates a deep understanding of the most pressing issues we face around housing, wages, climate, and the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Jamal Dar, African Youth Community Organization (AYCO)

    As a community leader I support Kayse Jama because he knows the challenges our youth and families are facing, not only in our district but across the state.

    I know he will truly represent our community and he will serve all of us, regardless of your beliefs or political background.

  • Rex Burkholder, Former Metro Councilor

    I have known Kayse Jama for almost 20 years and have observed his principled leadership with admiration. Kayse is especially capable of bringing together diverse interests while remaining a staunch advocate for the communities he represents, including some of the most challenged. He is an innovative thinker, a compassionate leader and an effective organizer. His approach is welcoming and empowering.

    I have learned much from working with Kayse and am confident that he will make a great Senator. I strongly support his appointment.

  • Chris Gorsek, Oregon State Senator

    I'm excited to support and endorse Kayse Jama's bid to be the next Senator in District 24.

    Kayse, with his experience as a community leader and progressive champion, brings a unique perspective to the Senate that Oregon needs right now. Qualities the constituents are clearly looking for, given their resounding support for Shemia Fagan in the previous cycle.

  • Juan Carlos González, Metro Councilor

    Kayse has been doing the "real" work for decades. When community has needed him, he has stepped up and delivered.

    We need that kind of champion in the Oregon Senate.

  • Som Subedi, Community Organizer

    Kayse Jama is a former refugee, a Portlander, and an American! For twenty years, he has advocated for proactive policies at both the state and local level that have concretely improved immigrant and refugee lives.

    Making Kayse a Senator for Oregon District 24 provides an opportunity for him to pay forward the generosity and empowerment he received from the Oregon community.

  • Mayor Tom Potter (Ret.) and Karin Hansen

    By any measure, Kayse Jama is the best-suited candidate for the Oregon Senate based on his history, experience and successes working with our communities and elected leaders to help solve problems.

    Senate District 24 residents, Kayse Jama will work for you.

  • Teresa Alonso Leon, Oregon State Representative

    Over the years, I have witnessed Kayse Jama's work on health access, housing, education, immigrant and refugee rights, and I’ve been nothing but impressed at his collaborative, community-centered leadership. He understands the most complex issues we are facing as a state, not as a theoretical concept, but as someone who has lived them.

    Kayse is about community and he will continue to put Oregon’s communities first in the Senate. I am honored to support and endorse Kayse Jama.

  • Eddie Sherman (Diné + Umóⁿ'hoⁿ), Native Leader

    Kayse has always been a steadfast, true champion and an advocate for communities of color. His commitment and dedication to improving outcomes and access for underserved communities are why he deserves this appointment to the Senate.

    Oregonians would be well served with his leadership, integrity, and commitment. We need more elected leaders with the lived experience that Kayse brings to help inform policies and resource allocation across Oregon.

  • Mary Nolan, Metro Councilor-Elect

    I have worked with Kayse Jama through Fair Shot for All Oregon and in many other settings over the years.

    He has a unique ability to see how issues intersect, impacting multiple communities. Kayse synthesizes this knowledge into workable solutions, and I look forward to partnering with him on regional policy.

  • Nafisa Fai, Washington County Commissioner-Elect

    As a public health professional, I can attest to Kayse Jama's ability to center his hard-hit district, and its diverse individuals and families, in Oregon's response to COVID-19.

    Through my work in public health, I've seen Kayse's dedication to championing the health and safety of underserved communities.

  • Sahar Muranovic, David Douglas School Board Vice Chair

    Kayse Jama’s voice and fighting spirit—as a former refugee, community leader, Muslim, person of color, father, husband, and neighbor—is exactly what District 24 (what all of Oregon) needs right now.

    He represents the best America has to offer and, as a first-generation immigrant and elected official, I’m proud to endorse him for the Senate appointment.

  • Andrea Valderrama, David Douglas School Board Chair

    Kayse Jama is a fierce leader and advocate of and by the people of outer East Portland and North Clackamas.

    His lived and professional experiences as a community leader, refugee, parent, and non profit executive make him the best candidate to serve as our next Senator in District 24.

  • Jo Ann Hardesty, Portland City Commissioner

    I enthusiastically endorse Kayse Jama, having worked with him for decades on pressing community issues.

    His voice as a strong compassionate leader is critical in the legislature as we center communities of color in the recovery efforts on the other side of this pandemic.

  • Nancy Haque, Executive Director, Basic Rights Oregon

    I first met Kayse in 2008 and I was immediately struck by his warmth and dedication to immigrants and refugees. Over the last twelve years, I have seen his leadership and his organization grow by leaps and bounds. I know that his vision and commitment will bring a necessary new voice to Salem.

    I am honored to be asked and proud to give him my personal endorsement for Oregon Senate District 24.

  • Brent Canode, Alano Club Executive Director

    Kayse Jama's commitment to social justice, racial equity, and dismantling racist systems is unmatched.

    His unwavering leadership on Measure 110 will lead to the largest infusion in state history of public dollars into our beleaguered and fractured systems supporting Oregonians impacted by substance use disorders, especially those most impacted by the criminalization of drugs

  • Matt and Anna Chorpenning, Senate District 24 Residents

    We support Kayse Jama because he is an experienced community organizer who has shown that he can work with people from all walks of life.

    We are confident that he was help people who have historically been ignored.

  • Andreina Velasco, Teacher

    As an educator, I support Kayse Jama because he knows firsthand the challenges children and families face in our district, and he will work tirelessly on their behalf.

    I know that all my students, but especially my students of color, will be truly seen and represented by Kayse.