In this time of uncertainty, we need to center what matters most to invest in Oregon’s future. As we move from economic crisis to recovery, Kayse will work to uplift the needs of those who have been hardest hit. Kayse’s deep understanding of the lived experiences of Senate District 24 residents will help Oregon make the right investments, empowering working families and small businesses along the way, so that we can create a more equitable future together. Every investment our state makes should prioritize stabilizing our critical programs and services, supporting families, and keeping workers safe.

Whatever resources come from the federal government, Oregon will need to make wise investments that prioritize our most vulnerable residents and the low-income workers, Black, Indigenous, and people of color communities who have disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 and the economic downturn. This has been an unequal economic crisis—we can’t let it become an inequitable economic recovery. When we invest in the Oregonians who are facing barriers or struggling the most, we are all more prosperous. 

This time of challenge can become a time of opportunity when we reexamine who our economy hasn’t been working for and support the creation of good jobs, small business innovation, and access to the resources every Oregonian needs to reach their full potential. And, as we move forward, it’s time to make investments in a sustainable future that creates good jobs and addresses the climate crisis. 

If there’s anything a former refugee knows how to do, it’s how to deal with a crisis and make ends meet—and work to build a brighter future.