"Senator Jama’s leadership as Chair of the Senate Housing Committee has kept tens of thousands of Oregonians in their homes during this pandemic."
 - Katrina Holland, Housing Advocate

Senator Kayse Jama is a community-trusted leader who has spent over 20 years fighting for us. Through his bold action in the Oregon legislature, Senator Jama already has a proven track record of progress on housing policy, education equity, workers’ rights, the climate crisis, economic recovery, and public safety. These wins came through Senator Jama’s skilled leadership, years of experience, and unique ability to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to create change that makes a real difference for those who have been denied opportunity or the fair treatment they deserve.

Senator Jama represents all of us in the Oregon Senate, with the vision to build a better, more inclusive future for every Oregonian.


Senator Kayse Jama took office in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic and got right to work delivering for his constituents. He passed legislation investing over $1.3 billion to prevent evictions, create affordable housing, and support home ownership; directed $4 million in federal funding into the District and community organizations serving our most vulnerable; and established Oregon’s first statewide Office of Immigrant and Refugee Advancement.

Senator Jama's Bills Have Included:

1. Investing $400M to support homeownership, increase affordable housing and address houselessness (HB 5202)

2. Ensuring renters' rights and access to cooling while preparing Oregon for the next heat wave (SB 1536)

3. Establishing universal legal representation in immigration proceedings (SB 1543)

4. Reducing racial disparities in traffic stops and creating the Justice Reinvestment Equity Program (SB 1510)

5. Extending basic worker protections and ensuring fair compensation for farm workers (HB 4002)

6. Strengthening workforce protections and worker injury compensation (HB 4138 and SB 1513)

7. Funding wealth-building opportunities for economically marginalized communities (SB 1579)

8. Updating racist and xenophobic immigration terminology in Oregon state laws (SB 1560)

9. Providing compensation for wrongly convicted persons (SB 1584)

10. Expanding in-state tuition eligibility for Afghan refugees (SB 1522)