Community Leadership for Our FutureKayse Jama for Oregon Senate

It’s not just him. It’s us.

Progress for East Portland and North Clackamas

Kayse Jama is a community-trusted leader who has spent the last 20 years fighting for us. Kayse brings the experience needed to represent all of East Portland and North Clackamas in the Oregon Senate, with the vision to build a better, more inclusive future for every Oregonian. Read about Kayse's policy priorities.

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  • Ellen Rosenblum, Oregon Attorney General

    Kayse has long been a trusted resource for community-based policy solutions and a moral compass for leaders across our state.

    These qualities are both needed -- and welcome -- in Salem at this time.   

  • Lew Frederick, Oregon State Senator

    The possibility of Kayse Jama as an Oregon Senator encourages me. He brings a perspective sorely needed in Salem.

    His work on public safety, housing, and equity has already changed the state. He has more to give.

  • Kathy Wai, N. Clackamas School Board &Tri-Met Board

    Kayse is a long-time leader in our community who has lifted up the voices of people who have been intentionally excluded from places of power.

    As Senator, Kayse will bring all of us with him to ensure we’re at the table as Oregon navigates a public health and economic crisis and reimagines public safety.

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